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After moving back to Los Angeles in the early 80’s, I began working on low budget, non-union films in the Art Department for Roger Corman. Malcolm Morley had suggested I find a job that pays enough so that I could afford to paint. Eventually, my friend Rae Fox and I Production Designed cult favorites such as “SID & NANCY”, “REPO MAN” AND “BORN IN EAST L.A.” (The last won Best Art Direction at the Havana Film Festival out of 90 films).
I am presently working as a Union Set Decorator on “MIKE & MOLLY”, and have been nominated for an Emmy twice. I have continued to paint all these years and now want to show my work and become a thriving artist and leave a legacy. I am not necessarily a Photo Realist, although I greatly admire Photorealism. Based on my “snapshots” I’m allowed the luxury of pausing
to add ideas, stories, emotion and humor to the canvas and push the tactile and color boundaries of oil paint. Painting seems to have no consistent solutions and certainly no clear end. That’s the joy of it for me, a continuing path of exploration. I am totally addicted
to the process of painting and welcome the opportunity to share my journey with the viewer.

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